Working with a co-teacher: Seeing each other's feedback

I created a math assignment in which all the questions were “show your work” question types. My co-teacher and I were both in the assignment marking student responses red, yellow, or green and typing our feedback to them in real time. The issue was that we could not see each other’s feedback. I would mark something red and type some guidance to the student, but my co-teacher could not see what I typed, nor what the student typed back to me. Is there something we can do to adjust this? Thanks!

Hi there,

Currently, you will only see your messages and messages sent to you. There isn’t a work around for this at the moment, but it’s something we’ve been looking into possible solutions for.

I should also note that when a student replies the message will go to the last teacher who gave feedback.

Thanks for the info! We were both leaving feedback unaware of this, and it got very confusing. For now, we will probably split the class list and each take half, but hopefully this is changed for the future. I look forward to the ability to truly co-teach and both respond to ALL students, especially in our current climate of exclusively online learning!

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