Writing Randomly Disappears Behind Image

Is there a way to do the following:

  1. Write on the note handout and students view in real time.
  2. Have students do one of the problems, while I watch in real time.
    (In a face-to-face class I would typically walk around the room, checking for understanding, and addressing misconceptions early.)

The issue I’ve run into:

  1. Not all of my writing shows. I discovered that some of it appears to randomly go behind the picture of the note handout. As shown in example #1 (link below), you can see that two of my “x”s are missing their second stroke. The last check mark is also missing. If you erase the picture of the note handout, the missing marks appear. I’m also running into an issue where, attempting to erase a mistake means also erasing the picture of the note handout.



Hi Heidi!

I teach math using GoFo as my ‘textbook.’ :slight_smile: Great questions.

  1. Short answer, yes. But it’s delayed. I’ve had to edit my SYW whiteboard because a student found a mistake. It takes a hot minute, but once it’s auto-saved to GoFo, and then relayed to students, they will see what you are doing. I have done this on my ActivePanel (since it is mirroring my teacher computer). If you are teaching virtually, for example via Zoom, you can share your screen and students will see the changes instantly. If you don’t share your screen, I would suggest: write a little, pause, speak your step out loud… and it should be pretty close to ‘real time’ for your students.

  2. I do this all the time! Again, there is a delay, but I can see students working even in my classroom! I just pull up the individual question responses and scroll through them (APanel screen frozen). I make comments aloud for ‘great work’ as well as specific feedback from my desk for those who need redirecting. Occasionally, a student has a funny answer and I unfreeze the screen so we can all have a laugh. It lightens the mood in a ‘heavy’ math class and it helps me build rapport with the students. I find that they will put cute drawings on their SYW problems because they know I will share them. Extension: in smaller classes, I’ve actually pulled up a new tab for each student, clicking on their first answer box, and then cycle through the tabs so I can see how far a student has (or has not) gotten during that feedback cycle. It helps me hone in on the distracted or struggling students.

Regarding your issue…
(1) it may not be ‘hiding’… because the site autosaves every 10 seconds or so, it might be ‘saving’ while you are still writing. I pause about every expression/equation, work line, etc to make sure the site ‘catches up with me.’ In the assignment you shared, you should be able to go back in and add the marks that are missing. Each time you add a picture or stroke, it’s in a ‘layer’ on the SYW. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that if I accidentally click on the pic instead of writing that it reorders my layers. WORKAROUND: I keep the original on my edit screen, but I pull up the ‘preview’ mode and write on that. :slight_smile: The marks will stay ON TOP of the picture… AND I can erase my answers quickly for the next class. I save the last class’s notations and use them as my answer key when grading SYW. :wink:
(2) When I want to erase a stroke without accidentally erasing everything else, I use the square ‘Select’ tool icon to select it and drag it out of the way… and THEN I delete it. This has saved a lot of frustration.

Feel free to ask me more questions. :heart:

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Awesome feedback! I hadn’t thought about writing on the preview screen! I’ll probably do it that way while sharing my screen through Zoom. Great tips and insight! Thank you so much!!!

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