Zoom feature not working?

Hi there! Had a student bring to my attention today that the zoom feature on PDFs is not actually zooming in. I went to investigate and did student preview and saw that the PDF popped out into a smaller window centered on the screen, but did in fact not allow for zooming in. Do I need an update or some synch with the platform? Thanks!


I noticed a similar occurrence
recently, I thought it was something different I had done, but apparently not.

Same here. Waiting for a reply

Discovered that just today. Hope there is a fix.

Here’s the reply I received from Formative this morning:
“Thanks for reaching out. There were a number of updates last week on this feature, so it should be back to normal today. Please have them try again, and do let us know if they run into any trouble.”
We weren’t working on Formative today, but we will be tomorrow, so I’m a bit concerned hearing that the problem persisted today.